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WINCOIN (WC), which is known for its blockchain-based platform which its future development trends and values are also expected to grow and expand in time. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being accepted in several industries including casinos. Many gamblers are choosing Bitcoin Casinos for gambling as they allow more safety and anonymity in gambling. The circulation of WC asset are fundamentally reinforced by the strong merchant of lifestyle ecosystem and backed by phenomenal loyal supporters’ from all around the globe.

WINCOIN satisfies all these requirements. It eliminates the massive computing power and competition in Proof of Work (POW). WINCOIN is a POW + Proof of Stake (POS) cryptocurrency. WINCOIN is guaranteed by encryption technology (SCRYPT), maintained by distributed nodes in the blockchain, allowing users to reach peer-to-peer transactions on the network without the risk of intervention of any corporate, intermediary or human factors.


WINCOIN is a low inflation, simple cryptocurrency created for the regular people to be able to make good use of the Blockchain technology by making it easily convertible to local currency and accepted by lots of merchants.

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