WINCOIN 3.0 upgrade to 4.0

Date: 2018-12-04

Dear WINCOIN Investor: (中文 公告


Wincoin Official will collaborate with WINBITEX, upgrading the security features of Wincoin. This upgrade will reflect the enhancement in the security and functionality of the WINCOIN. Hence, Wincoin holders, please take note.


1. Please deposit all the WINCOIN, including WINCOIN that you store in your PC wallet, 3.0 mobile wallet, third-party Coinomi wallet, and other cryptocurrency exchanges into your WINBITEX account before December 30, 2018, for upgrading into Wincoin 4.0. WINBITEX will no longer acknowledge all the transfers that are done after the given date (2018/12/30, 00:00).


Please strictly follow these few steps to secure your new WINCOIN 4.0:

a. Go to to register an account, by following the guideline as follow:


b. Note that the invitation link is compulsory.

For WINCOIN members, please ask from your introducer; if you are non-WINCOIN members, please email [email protected] to get your invitation code.


c. After registration of your WINBITEX account, please deposit your Wincoin by following the guideline below:


2. After all the Wincoin is transferred into WINBITEX Exchange, the users have to follow the official progress guideline and provide the sources of the assets which have to be verified before 4.0 upgrade.


3. After the upgrade process is completed, all the Wincoin 3.0 transactions will no longer be supported by Wincoin Official.


Thank you for your cooperation!

(Updates) Exchange already swapped to WC4.0





Exchange who do not support auto swap to WC4.0 



Wincoin Core Team

4 December 2018